The preparations for Republic Day celebrations have almost been completed. The security arrangements are in place. Adding more thrills and pride to this years celebrations, Rafale fighter jets will take part in the fly-past for the first time. The jets will perform Vertical Charlie manoeuvre. Rafale jets will feature for the first time in the fly-past by the Indian Air Force. The finale, the Vertical Charlie manoeuvre, will be done by Rafale aircraft this time, informed Major General Alok Kacker. In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, many changes have been incorporated in the R-day celebrations. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have made a few changes. Republic Day parade will end at National Stadium instead of Red Fort. The strength of each participating contingent has also been reduced to 96 from 144. This time, there wont be any veteran marching contingent. Also, no child below the age of 15 will be allowed to take part in the parade. The number of spectators has also been reduced this time, said Kacker. The Indian Army has also geared up with its latest weapons to be showcased during the parade. As per reports, the army will be displaying its Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket System, BMP-2, T-90 Bhishma Tank, Bridge Layer Tank, BrahMos cruise missile, Electronic Warfare Equipment System Samvijay and upgraded Schilka Air Defence System among the weapons during Republic Day celebrations. In wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participating children and folk artists has been restricted to 400 compared to over 600 last year. This is the first time that a woman fighter pilot will be a part of R-day. Flight lieutenant Bhawana Kanth is set to become the first woman fighter pilot to be a part of the Republic Day parade this year. This is the first time in the last four decades that India will be celebrating its Republic Day without a foreign head of state as a chief guest to the even.