After Rahul Gandhis remark suggesting that the people of Kerala had a more intelligent approach to politics as compared to his experience in the North, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said that the wisdom of elector should be respected and only Rahul can explain the context in which the remarks were made. Sibal refused to comment on Rahuls remark. He said that elector in this country is wise and must be respected for their wisdom irrespective of their location. Its the elector that ultimately votes for you and puts you in the saddle of power. We must respect electors in the country and we must not denigrate their wisdom, he said. Congress leader Anand Sharma defended Rahul saying that the remark may have come from his personal experience and was not aimed at disrespecting anyone. Rahul Gandhi had made an observation, perhaps sharing his personal experiences and not disrespecting any part of India or dividing. In what context he made that observation, he can clarify that so that theres no conjecture or misunderstandings, Congress never divided the country, said Sharma. Speaking in Trivandrum on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi had said that he was an MP in North India (Amethi) for 15 years and had got used to a different type of politics. He said that coming to Kerala was very refreshing for him as he suddenly found that people are interested in issues not just superficially but going into details. While the BJP termed it a politics of division, Amethi MP Smriti Irani said that its an insult to the people of her constituency. According to reports, the dissident group of Congress leaders yesterday met at Ghulam Nabi Azads residence in the wake of Rahuls remark. Though the leaders disagreed with Rahul Gandhis statement, they felt that the Waynad MP should himself clarify the context of his remark so that the BJP cannot take political advantage of it.