Bharatiya Janata Party president JP Nadda today took a jibe at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Rahul Gandhi has been reiterating that the Congress party, if voted to power in Assam, will nullify the CAA. When Nadda was asked about the BJPs silence on the issue of CAA, Nadda questioned Rahul Gandhis wisdom for making such promises. Its not good for me to comment on Congress partys ideology or their intelligence. Its their partys internal matter but when you give partys reign in the childrens hands, it happens (Jab party bachcho ko thama dete hai to aisa hota hai). This law (CAA) is central legislation. By voting in Assam, state legislation cannot change the central legislation. Its either two things- Ignorance or an attempt to deceive the people of Assam by the Congress. Both are detrimental for the people of the state, said Nadda in Hindi. Nadda said that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been passed by Parliament and it has to be implemented. He said that it will be implemented in letter and spirit. Nadda also hit out at the Congress for allying with Badruddin Ajmal. Rahul Gandhi had said that the BJPs constant attack on Badruddin Ajmal is an attack on the Assams identity and brotherhood. Nadda slammed Rahul Gandhi saying that ignorance always leads to trouble. Shrimant Shankar Dev is Assams identity, Bhupen Hazarika is Assams identity, Gopinath Bordoloi may be Assams identity. I doubt Rahul Gandhis knowledge when he says Assams identity is Badruddin Ajmal, said Nadda, adding that even former Congress CM Tarun Gogoi had asked who Badruddin Ajmal is. The BJP today released its 10 Sankalps (manifesto promises) for the Assam Elections 2021. The party has promised to take Assam to newer heights of development while protecting the rights and culture of the state.