The United Nations stands ready to contribute to the ongoing rescue and assistance efforts in Uttarakhand if necessary, Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said as the top leadership of the global organisation expressed sadness over the loss of life and damage from the glacier burst and flooding in the Indian state. A portion of the Nanda Devi glacier broke off in Uttarakhand The sudden flood in the middle of the day in the Dhauli Ganga, Rishi Ganga and Alaknanda rivers – all intricately linked tributaries of the Ganga – triggered widespread panic and large-scale devastation in the high mountain areas. Commenting on the glacier burst, St The United Nations stands ready to contribute to ongoing rescue and assistance efforts if necessary, Responding to the statement by Guterres, India Earlier in the day, President of the UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir said that he is closely following the situation in Uttarakhand where the glacier burst resulted in massive flooding, with authorities saying seven bodies have been recovered while at least 125 people are missing. As rescue efforts continue, my thoughts are with @IndiaUNNewYork and the Indian people, In response to Bozkir Thank you. The glacier burst led to a rise in water levels in the river Rishiganga, which washed away the Rishiganga small hydro project of 13.2 MW. The flash flood also affected the downstream hydro project of NTPC at Tapovan on the river Dhauli Ganga, which is a tributary of the river Alaknanda