With the counting of votes of Bihar According to a statement by Manoj Jha, Rashtriya Janata Dal MP, Bihar will get its own government and no one can do anything about it to stop it. He attacked the current Bihar CM, saying the latter should not to call the returning officers and slow down the whole counting process. He can only delay his defeat, Since morning, votes are being counted, however the process has slowed down due to COVID norms. According to the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar, with a significant increase in the number of polling stations, the Election Commission of India is trying to ensure that all social distancing norms are being followed. He added that ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has broken out in India, Bihar is the first one to hold general elections and therefore, utmost precautions are necessary. It is likely that the results will be declared late at night today. The commission has directed the officials to not be in hurry to declare the results and adhere to complete COVID-19 protocols. Meanwhile, the latest data has suggested that the sides are flipping with RJD as the single-largest party. Earlier in the morning amid the vote counting, votes seemed to be in favor of the BJP as it was leading in over 70 seats but at the time of writing this article RJD was emerging as the single-largest party. So far, the party has 73 seats in lead. Right now, 4858 of the whole 7737 scheduled rounds have been completed. As per Ashish Kundra, Deputy Election Commissioner, more than half of the work has been completed by 119 constituencies.