West Bengal Assembly Elections Opinion Poll: Mamata Banerjee is set to return as the chief minister for the third consecutive term with a comfortable majority of 157 seats, 9 more than what is required to form the government in the 294-member Assembly of West Bengal. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on the other hand, will increase its tally by about 100 seats but would still fall short of majority, according to an opinion poll conducted by Times Now-C Voter. The Trinamool Congress is predicted to get 42.2 per cent vote share and 157 seats, 57 less than what it had got in 2016. The BJP, the key challenger to TMC, is expected to get 37.5 per cent vote share and 107 seats, up by 104 seats from 2016, when it had got just 3. In the previous assembly elections, the saffron partys vote share was just 10.16 per cent whereas the TMC had the largest vote share of nearly 45 per cent (44.91 to be precise). The Third Front of Congress and Left is predicted to get just 33 seats, down by 43 than what it had got in 2016. There are, however, 89 seats where the vote difference margin is very thin and polls suggest that even a 1.5 per cent vote shift can push the election results either side. Of these 89 seats, the TMC is leading on 42 seats while the BJP is ahead on 36 and Congress-Left has an edge on 11 seats. The numbers predicted by the opinion poll suggest a setback for the BJP and Home Minister Amit Shah who have been claiming that the saffron party would form the next government in Bengal by winning over 200 seats. The BJP and the TMC have been at odds with each other over a number of issues ever since the former came to power at the Centre in 2014. While Mamata Banerjee has held the BJP responsible for sowing seeds of communal disharmony, the BJP has accused her of Muslim appeasement and being anti-Hindu. Eight-phase election in Bengal will begin from March 27 and end on April 29. The counting of votes and results will be declared on May 2.