A special investigation team formed to probe into incidents of In the remaining three cases, girls said they married of their own will, the report said. The SIT also did not find any conspiracy or proof of funding. Kanpur Range Inspector General Mohit Agarwal said, The SIT has submitted its report. The SIT probed 14 cases, in which crime has been found in 11. In these 11 cases, the SIT found that the accused had cheated Hindu girls. In the rest cases, girls said they married of their own will. He said initially there were six cases under the ambit of investigation, which were increased to 14 after more incidents were reported in the media. The accused in four cases were in touch with each other and this was revealed through their call details. They trapped girls of other religions. However, the SIT did not find any conspiracy or proof of funding, he said. Agarwal said a charge sheet has been filed in 11 cases and the accused have been arrested. Those arrested are accused of trapping minor girls using wrong names, allegedly raping them, abducting them and compelling them for marriage. The eight-member SIT led by SP (South) Deepak Bhukar was formed following complaints lodged by some Hindu organisations. The IG said their aim is to protect girls from any conspiracy. If it is real a love, then police and law have no problem. If boys trap girls stating a false name or the girl is minor, then the law will take its own course, he said.