The Centre on Friday allowed farmers to enter Delhi for their protest and allotted them a ground on the outskirts The decision may help build a conducive atmosphere in the next round of talks slated for December 3. However, some farmers This is as per the assertion of farmers that they have a right to come to the capital of the nation to air their grievances, While farmers led by the Bharatiya Kisan Union decided to march to Delhi on Saturday from different districts of western Uttar Pradesh, protesters coming from Madhya Pradesh and other states were allowed from the Agra side to proceed after being prevented from doing so for two days. We want the three Acts and Electricity Bill, 2020, to be withdrawn, The climbdown by the government seems to have stemmed from a realisation that a message has gone that the Centre is against farmers, after coercive measures were taken to prevent the march in Haryana and the Delhi border was sealed, said an expert. An early resolution will always be good for the country, he said. Punjab farmers have been demanding that the new farm laws be repealed and replaced with another set of laws with a guarantee on the MSP. The Centre recently enacted two new laws that allow farmers and traders to buy and sell at any place, including mandis, and also amended the Essential Commodities Act, first through Ordinances in June and later by passing them through Parliament.