Farmers Protest, ITO violence, tractor rally: The situation in Delhi appears to be spiralling out of control as farmers reneged on their promise of a peaceful rally and resorted to violence as police tried to stop their entry into roads that were not part of the agreed route. Visuals showed a tense situation at the ITO intersection as thousands of farmers tried to move towards the Red Fort despite no permission from the Delhi Police. The routes for the tractor rally were pre-decided. But farmers today deviated from the agreed upon routes, leading to a violent confrontation with the police. #WATCH Violence continues at ITO in central Delhi, tractors being driven by protestors deliberately try to run over police personnel\/xKIrqANFP4 A number of protesters surrounded police personnel and forced them to retreat until more force arrived at the spot. A Delhi Police personnel was rescued by some protesters as one section of protesters attempted to assault him at ITO. #WATCH Visuals from ITO in central Delhi as protesting farmers reach here after changing the route\/4sEOF41mBg #WATCH Protesters break barricade, attack police personnel and vandalise police vehicle at ITO in central Delhi\/1ARRUX6I8E A number of police personnel have been injured. #WATCH Protesting farmers reach ITO, break police barricades placed opposite Delhi Police headquarters #FarmLaws #RepublicDay\/F9HPrNNZF4 The Bharatiya Kisan Union, however, has distanced itself from the clashes and said that protestors who defied restrictions agreed upon earlier were not associated with it.