Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Wayanad in Kerala, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that there would be agitation across India if all farmers understood the new farm laws. Most farmers do not understand the details of the three farm laws. Because if they did, there would be an agitation all across the country. The country would be on fire, said Gandhi during his two-day visit to Kerala. Hitting out at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Gandhi said the organisation is spreading hatred and was responsible for the collapse of the countrys economy. It is an ideological attack on Indias institutional structure, on our education system, where you dont need any understanding if youre an RSS member. You can become Vice-Chancellor, Governor, play whatever role you want to play in the country, said Gandhi. Talking about the Bhatta Parsaul incident, Gandhi said that the Congress government implemented new land acquisition law after the incident came to his notice. Some years ago, I noticed that there was an attempt to attack farmers. It started in Bhatta Parsaul when their land was being taken away. I realised that it was a problem and I started a conversation inside the Congress party. Result of that was a new Land Acquisition Bill, said Gandhi. Gandhi said that Congress threw out the old British land bill and brought out a new bill that guaranteed compensation and protection to the farmers. Gandhi alleged that when Narendra Modi became PM, he tried to kill the bill but could not as the Congress fought against it in Parliament and stopped the PM from killing it. The Congress leader further alleged that when PM Modi did not succeed in his attempt at Parliament, he told the BJP chief minister to kill the bill in their states. Attacking the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF, Gandhi said that the state governments policies have caused significant damage to the state. Kerala Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in the next few months.