Farmers Protest Today Highlights Updates: Fourth round of talks between Centre and farmers concluded at Vigyan Bhawan on Thursday evening. Regarding the next round of talks, it was decided that the next meeting between Central Government and the leaders of the protesting farmer groups will be held on December 5. Around 40 union leaders attended the meeting with Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Piyush Goyal. As the meeting culminated, PTI reported government sources as saying that Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar addressed doubts of farmers during the meeting with union leaders. On its part, the government assured the group of farmer leaders that all their valid concerns would be addressed, but the other side flagged several loopholes and deficiencies in the laws, which they said were passed hastily in September. ANI reported that the farmer leaders suggested that On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the farmer leaders that the Minimum Support Price (MSP) will not be touched, and no changes will be made to it. The third round of talks were held on Tuesday when Centre asked farmers to prepare a list of what they felt were against their interests. The Centre held discussions on those points in detail with farmers. Ahead of the planned meeting, Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar, in an interview on Wednesday, said that he did see any requirement of putting the minimum support price in laws. He said MSP was never part of the laws. It is an administrative decision and will remain so, the union minister said. The farmers, on the other hand, are adamant on their demand and want the Centre to guarantee them that their produce will be procured at MSP. They want this in writing in laws.”,”headline”: “Farmers Protest Highlights: Talks between govt, farmers remain inconclusive; Next meeting proposed on December5