The RSS is not in agreement with the decision of the BJP-JJP government in Haryana to reserve 75 per cent of private-sector jobs with a salary cap of Rs 50,000 monthly for locals, as it is against the Sanghs view of one nation, one people, a senior functionary said on Tuesday. The RSS, the ideological mentor of the BJP, feels that the law has been brought to ease the pressure felt by the state government in wake of the farmers protest against the three contentious agri laws, the functionary said. The Haryana State Employment Of Local Candidates Bill, 2020, which was passed by the state assembly last year, will provide a quota for local people in private sector jobs that offer a monthly salary of less than Rs 50,000. RSS believes in one nation one people, and this law is fundamentally against it.and governments should not regulate the flow of migrant labour in the country as we all believe in unity diversity, said the functionary, who has spend sizeable time in Haryana and the northern region looking after Sangh work. It seems that the BJP was also not totally for this law but came on board with its ally JJP as the state government was feeling the heat of the ongoing farmers protest and also of khap panchayats organised across the state in support of the farmers, the Sangh leader said. The RSS feels that this law may have some temporary benefits for a section of the people but in the long run, it will not be in the interest of Haryanas economy, he said. JJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana Dushyant Chautala, who was piloting this bill, said the state government is open to including suggestions from industry bodies while framing rules for the law. Responding to criticism from various quarters, including some members of the industry, Dushyant claimed that many people have misconception about the law and pointed out that Haryana was not the only state where such a provision had been made. PTI JTR