Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the central government of neglecting farmers to benefit 2-3 corporate houses. Gandhi, who was in Tamil Nadu to witness Jallikattu, said that government wasnt just neglecting the farmers but it was conspiring to destroy them because they want to benefit 2-3 of their friends. They want to give what belongs to farmers to 2-3 of their friends. Thats what is happening. Neglect is too weak a word to explain what is taking place, Rahul Gandhi said while speaking to reporters after witnessing the traditional bull taming sport in Madurai. The former Congress chief further said that the farmers of this country were the backbone of this country. If anybody thinks that you can suppress farmers and this country will continue to prosper, they just have to look at our history. Whenever Indian farmers are weak, India is weak, Gandhi said. Reiterating his allegations against Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi said: You are suppressing farmers. You are helping handful of businesses. When Corona comes, you are not helping common man. Whose Prime Minister are you? Are you the Prime Minister of the people of India or of 2-3 selected businessmen? Gandhi further said that the Centre will be forced to take back all thee farm laws at the heart of protests in some states, mainly Punjab and Haryana. Mark my words. Take it from me. The government will be forced to take these laws back. Remember what I said, Rahul Gandhi said. The Congress leader also raised the issue of Chinese agression into Ladakh and the silence of Prime Minister Modi. What is China doing inside our territory? Why are the Chinese people sitting inside Indian territory? Why has the Prime Minister got nothing to say about it? Why is the Prime Minister completely silent about the fact that Chinese troops are sitting inside Indian territory?