Ayesha suicide case: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has reacted strongly to the death of Ahmedabad-based Ayesha Banu Makrani, who died by suicide last month following alleged harassment by her husband Aarif Khan. In an angry speech, Owaisi hit out at Arif Khan and his family for allegedly pushing Ayesha to take such an extreme step. He said that the girl was beaten and she was fed up with it and committed suicide. Sharm aani chahiye un ghar waalo ko jinhone hamaari is beti ko majboor kiya. Main to Allah se dua karu ke Allah gaarat kare tum logo ko (The family which forced the girl to take this step should be shameful. I will pray God to destroy you), Owaisi said. He appealed to men belonging to any religious community to stop such heinous acts. Owaisi further said: Agar tum mard ho naa.to biwi par zulm karna mardaangi nahi hai. Biwi ko maarna mardanangi nahi hai. Biwi se paiso ka mutalba karna mardaangni nhi hai. Tum mard kehlaane ke laayak bhi nahi ho agar tum aisi harkat karoge. (If you are a man.exploiting wife is not manliness. Beating wife is not manliness. Demanding money from wife is not manliness. You are not even worthy of being called man if you do these things). What kind of man you are that you are taking lives of daughters. Has humanity died in you? There are people who inflict pain on their wives, slap their wives, demand dowry – remember this that you can deceive the world but not the Allah, Owaisi said in a sad but angry voice. He then told Muslim men present in the audience that Allah says those who are good with their family are good human being. Thank you for saying this twitter.com\/CIHRZNwf2U Before taking this step, she had recorded a video message saying that she was granting freedom to Arif. The Indian Express reports that even in 2019, an FIR was lodged against Aarif and his parents at Vatva police station for domestic violence after Ayesha had alleged that she was beaten up at her in-laws According to the report, Ayesha5 lakh in dowry to Aarif on January 26, 2020. The IE report says that the police obtained Ayesha Ayesha also had a five-minute conversation with her parents in which the latter are heard pleading to her to not take the extreme step, the report said citing police. Post that call with Ayesha, her father Liyaqat Ali Makrani said that he had immediately dialled 100 and informed the police of the possibility of his daughter dying by suicide at the riverfront side.