West Bengal Chief Minister has sharpened her attack on the BJP in wake of upcoming assembly election. She has mocked BJP leaders for taking out Rath Yatras saying they travel on chariots thinking of themselves as gods and accused the party of trying to create division in the society based on religion. She also accused the saffron party of inciting violence and riots wherever it forms a government. She addressed back to back rallies in Malda and Raiganj yesterday cautioning voters against the BJP and its tactics. While the BJP and the TMC have been continuing their tirade against each-other, netizens yesterday had a field day when a short clip of Banerjees February 9 rally in Murshidabad went viral sparking a meme fest. In the rally, Banerjee had mocked TMC turncoats who had crossed over to the saffron party. Banerjee has been saying that the BJP is a washing machine and corrupt leaders join the party and come out clean with the partys help. She also mimicked the leaders saying that those who have joined the BJP are now making a lot of noise – hamba hamba, ramba ramba, kamba kamba, dumba dumba, bomba Bomba. While she spoke on several issues including farm laws in her over a half-an-hour address, netizens picked a seven-second clip and posted it with their hilarious views turning it into a meme. Take a look at some viral clips: Me, trying to read my doctors handwriting pic.twitter.com\/oKf3wIFV6u twitter.com\/2fcysMxjJO twitter.com\/WQc7xw5Hq7 Divine 2. Naezy 1. pic.twitter.com\/JeMB3uf8Gw twitter.com\/4EfTi27ckp Gill 2.0 (@ikpsgill1) February 10, 2021 The assembly elections in West Bengal for 294-seats will be held around April-May this year.