Around three decades on since the 1993 Mumbai blasts, elusive gangster Dawood Ibrahim is still on the run and consecutive governments and intelligence agencies have failed to get a hold of him. Today, some people claiming to be members of Hindu Sena, a right-wing outfit, held a protest at Jantar Mantar demanding that the 1993 Mumbai blast accused be brought back to India and hanged. The members of the group carried placards and burnt a poster of Dawood Ibrahim and raised slogans against him. According to PTI, the chief of the Hindu Sena, Vishnu Gupta said that justice has not been delivered even after 28 years. He said that the government should bring back the Mumbai blast accused Dawood Ibrahim to India and hang him. While various intelligence reports have claimed that Dawood Ibrahim lives in Pakistan, the neighbouring country has been denying the terror accuseds presence there. In August last year, a Pakistan government document had listed White House, Karachi, House Number 37 – 30th Street – Housing Authority Karachi and Palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorbad, Karachi as three possible addresses of Dawood Ibrahim. Over 250 people were killed when 12 coordinated bomb blasts ripped through Mumbai on March 12, 1993.