TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi did not discuss the issues plaguing him with West Bengal Chief Minister and party chief Mamata Banerjee before his resignation in the Rajya Sabha on Friday, the partys official spokesperson and former RS MP Vivek Gupta said. Gupta also said Trivedis resignation was not a setback for the TMC and will not affect the partys poll campaign in the state. We are all trying to speak to him but instead he is busy talking to others. This is the first time that we have heard that he is feeling suffocated or claustrophobic or he is affected by the violence, Gupta said. In his constituency which is Barrackpore from where he lost the last election, it is BJPs Arjun Singh who won. So, if he is really affected by the violence then is his indication towards the violence perpetrated by the BJP, Gupta said while addressing a press briefing. The leader further said from 2010-2019, violence, specially political violence was absent from the state. By nature we Bengalis are peace loving. We believe in fighting with brains and not physically. We have no tradition of wrestling or contact sports. We are into arts culture and we have a creative spirit. We are shocked at Dinesh Trivedis statement. He is one of the founder members of the party, a four-time RS member and (former) railway minister. Mamata Banerjee has given him respect. Last year, after he lost the election, he was nominated as Rajya Sabha member by the party. So I dont think he has any reason to be upset with the party, he said. Gupta also said maybe during the last year when people had to wear masks, Trivedi had found a more suitable mask. His resignation is not a setback for the party, maybe personal loss for people like me who have worked closely with him or have learnt from him. Our campaign will go on as usual. Someone else will take his place, he said. Gupta further said, I do not think he has discussed his issues or resignation with (Mamata) didi. Before taking such a stand he should have discussed with the party leader. Maybe he was driven by some other agenda or he took an emotional decision.