Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed the country through his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio programme. In the speech, the Prime Minister hailed the work done by Virendra Yadav, a farmer entrepreneur and resident of Haryanas Kaithal village. Yadav has set an example for disposing stubble and making a profit from it through his efforts. In the last two years, Yadav has sold stubble worth over Rs 2.5 crore and made a profit of approximately Rs 50 lakh from it, PM Modi said. Before starting the stubble business, Yadav was living in Australia. He returned to India two years back. Like others, stubble farming was a big problem for Yadav also. He tried to get the best out of the stubble. Through his efforts, Yadav showed a new direction to resolve the stubble problem. With the financial assistance from the state agriculture department, Yadav bought a new Straw Baler Machine. With this, Yadav started making bales of stubble and then sold these to agro energy plant and paper mill. Yadav has earned a profit of around Rs 50 lakh in just two years. The Prime Minister also said that the farmers who sold their stubble to Yadav also benefitted from him. Sometime ago, Virendra Yadav ji used to live in Australia. Two years ago, he came to India and now lives in Kaithal, Haryana. Just like others, the stubble in the fields was a big concern for him too, PM Modi said. To find a solution to stubble, Virendra ji bought a Straw Baler machine to make bundles of straw. For this, he also received financial assistance from the Agricultural department. With this machine, he began to make bundles of stubble. After having made the bundles, he sold the stubble to agro energy plants and paper mills. You will be amazed to know that in just two years, Virendra ji has traded in stubble in excess of Rupees Two and a Half Crores and has earned a profit of approximately Rupees Fifty Lakhs, he added. PM Modi urged the youths who are studying agriculture to move to local and nearby villages and raise awareness among the farmers about modern farming and new farm laws. The Prime Minister also hailed the new farm laws and said that reforms in agriculture have brought new opportunities to farmers. He also added that the reforms have bestowed new rights and opportunities on farmers. The Prime Minister highlighted the work done by Mohammad Aslam, a resident of Rajasthans Baran district. Aslam, who works as CEO of a farmer producer organization, has created awareness among farmers by making a Whatsapp group comprising several farmers from the nearby areas and on which he shares information regarding the prevalent prices at neighbouring Mandis in the area.