Farmers Protest: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today hit out at the government alleging that a tragedy is unfolding in the country today while the Narendra Modi government wants to keep the nation misinformed. Rahul Gandhi made the statement while releasing a booklet titled Kheti ka Khoon or Murder of Farming on the plight of farmers and issues with three farm laws of the central government. There is a tragedy unfolding today in the country. The government wants to ignore issues and misinform the country. Im not going to speak about farmers alone as it is only part of the tragedy. Its important for youngsters. This is not about present but future, said Gandhi while lashing out at the Modi government. While the focus of Rahul Gandhis press conference was farmers protest, he also touched upon issues of reported incursion along LAC by China, unemployment and the economic crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking on the farmers issue, Gandhi said that he supports protesting farmers and said that every single person should support them as farmers are fighting for the nation. He said that the rice or wheat that the middle class buys comes at the given price because of APMC and the agricultural system. He added that the new farm laws are not just an assault on farmers but also on the middle class and every single youngster in the country. He alleged that the Centres new farm laws have been designed to destroy Indian agriculture. Gandhi said that he will keep fighting to provide justice to 62 crore hard-working farmers and labourers. The Congress leader claimed that the new farm laws will put the entire agriculture sector in the hands of three or four crony capitalists. He said that there is just one solution to end the farmers protest and that is the withdrawal of the three newly enacted farm laws.