Tamil Nadu Assembly Election: Hitting out at DMK President M K Stalin for his Chief Ministerial aspirations, incumbent K Palaniswami on Thursday wondered if the post was something that could be purchased from a shop and said it has to be decided by the people. Noting that he hailed from a humble rural background to scale the present heights, the chief minister said Stalins case was not so, indicating he grew with the support of his father, the late DMK chief M Karunanidhi. He also took a swipe at DMK Youth Wing chief and Stalins son Udhayanaidhi for his persistent criticism of the ruling party, questioning his qualification to do so and asserting my political experience is his age. Addressing an election rally here, he questioned Stalin holding meetings in Assembly constituencies to listen to peoples grievances and assuring to redress them in 100 days if voted to power in the coming elections. DMK was in power five times. You were a Minister and deputy CM. Why didnt you take care of people then. They wont cater to people while in power but are speaking lies (now) to come to power, the AIADMK Joint Coordinator charged. Palaniswami said that while Stalin had his fathers backing, he climbed the ladder of success from a rural background. Anyone from AIADMK can reach the top with hardwork, but that was not the case in the DMK where the partys first family was at the helm of affairs, he said. The present government was that of people and I never saw myself as a chief minister but you (people) are and the post was meant to serve the public, he said. But Stalin is not like that. He says he will become CM in three months. How is that possible? People have to vote, you need majority. Is a CM post some commodity that is available in a shop? It is a post given by people, he added. Further, targeting Udhayanidhi, he pointed out at his repeated criticism of the government and said his qualification was none other than being Stalins son and Karunanidhis grandson. My political experience is his age. He is criticising the AIADMK. Look at the irony. the party has slipped to such depths that DMKs announcements are now not made by Stalin but Udhayanidhi.. it is a family party, a corporate company, he said.