DDC Election Result Jammu and Kashmir: Mehbooba Mufti has come out as the biggest loser in the first election after the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Mufti, who once said that nobody in Jammu and Kashmir would hold the tricolour if special status was withdrawn from the state, could not save her own stronghold In the District Development Council, Muftis PDP has won 27 seats with just 1,12,923 votes. In terms of ranking, the PDP comes at the fourth position in terms of seats and the fifth position in terms of votes. Analysts believe that PDPs loss suggest that there are no takers of Muftis rhetoric in Kashmir. However, the Gupkar Alliance But the majority of it has gone to the National Conference, which has won 67 seats with 4,63,302 votes. Many attribute the success of the NC to its cadre on the ground and no anti-incumbency factor against it. ALSO READ | Jammu and Kashmir DDC Election Results 2020 LIVE: Results out for 276; Gupkar gets 110, BJP 74 The BJP, on the other hand, has emerged as the single largest party with 74 seats and close to 7 lakh votes (6,99,141 to be precise). But a majority of its seats has come from the Jammu region, where it has won 71 and rest three seats have come from Kashmir. While the BJP is celebrating its breakthrough in Kashmir, it needs to strengthen its hold in the Jammu region. Jammu has 10 councils, which has 140 seats. Same goes with Kashmir. Jammu is considered to be a stronghold of BJP while NC and PDP are the dominant forces in Kashmir. While the BJP has won 3 seats in Kashmir, the Gupkar parties have managed to get 35 seats in Jammu The NC alone has won 42 seats in Kashmir and 26 in Jammu. PDP has won 1 seat in Jammu and Altaf Bukharis Apni Party has bagged 3. The independent candidates have registered 17 victories in Jammu region. The Congress has won 9 seats in Kashmir and 17 in Jammu. When the saffron party started celebrating its first ever win in Kashmir, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and NC leader Omar Abdullah called it overplay and said that the Gupkar Alliances win of 35 seats in Jammu should not be underplayed. Abdullah said that he understood the temptation to over play the 3 seats the BJP has won in the valley but why underplay the 35 wins\/leads of the JKPAGD in Jammu province. We aren