Bihar elections 2020: On the last day of campaigning before the Bihar assembly elections, BJP chief JP Nadda compared performance of PM Modi and US President Donald Trump in handling the COVID-19 crisis. During a rally, Nadda spoke about the allegations being leveled against incumbent US President Donald Trump regarding mismanagement of coronavirus pandemic. Nadda said that while during the US elections, the Democrats are cornering Trump by accusing him of mismanaging the pandemic, PM Modi contained the virus in a country of 130 crore people due to his timely policies like imposing the nation-wide lockdown way back in March. Notably, the COVID19 pandemic was a big poll issue in the US election for the opposition Democratic party. The US has the most number of coronavirus cases and deaths worldwide, and its total case tally stands at 95.8 lakh at the moment. It is also leading in terms of deaths, accounting for 2.34 lakh deaths due to the infection. India is second in terms of the coronavirus tally and deaths, with the total cases standing at 83.6 lakh, while deaths stand at 1.24 lakh. While the absolute number of cases in India remain high, the per million cases of coronavirus in India are among the lowest worldwide, due to the high population. Moreover, the new cases in the country are steadily declining, with the daily cases now hovering around 50,000, even as the testing remains steady. This figure continues to breach the 1 lakh mark in the US. The active cases in India have now been below 6 lakh for the past few days, indicating towards a positive trend. In Bihar polls, a multi-party opposition is trying to corner the BJP-JD(U) government in Bihar over several local issues, while also hit the Central government on issues like the coronavirus pandemic and recent farm bills to sway voters in their favour.