2020 Indian Farmers Protest News Update: The eighth round of talks between farmers and Centre remained inconclusive with both sides sticking to their stated positions. After the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that discussion on the laws was taken up but no decision could be made. The Government urged that if farmer unions give an option other than repealing, we will consider it. But no option could be presented, so the meeting was concluded and it was decided to hold next meeting on 15th January, he said. Earlier in the day, Head of Nanaksar Gurudwara Baba Lakha Singh met Tomar in Delhi. People are losing lives; children, farmers, elderly men and women are sitting on road. Grief is unbearable. I thought it should be resolved somehow. So I met him (Agriculture Minister) today. Talks were good, we tried to find solution, Baba Lakha Singh said. We will try to resolve it at the earliest. The minister assured me that he is with us in finding a solution, he said. The agriculture minister said that Lakha Singh was distressed that farmers were agitating in winter. He conveyed to us farmers view, I presented the Governments. I urged him to talk to Unions leaders. We didnt approach him, he spoke to us out of his pain for farmers, Tomar said. Next round of talks will take place on January 15.”,”headline”: “Farmers Protest News: No breakthrough in 8th round of talks, next meeting on January15