UPSC exams: In a significant ruling that will impact several thousand UPSC aspirants, the Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed the plea filed by those who had exhausted their last chance during the 2020 Civil Service Examinations. A three-judge Bench of the Supreme Court junked the petition by the UPSC aspirants. The ruling, which was delivered by the Bench of Justices Khanwilkar, Malhotra and Rastogi, stated that those who could not appear in the exams due to coronavirus restriction will not have another chance in the CSE-2021 if the 2020s attempt was their last permissible try. Around 4,000 UPSC aspirants will be directly impacted by the Wednesday verdict by the Supreme Court. Earlier, the Centre and the UPSC were ready to give another chance to those aspirants. However, the waiver regarding the age limit proved to be a deterrent for the petitioners. UPSC 2021 Verdict In simple terms, the Supreme Court ruling means that if you are a UPSC aspirant, who could not appear during the 2020 Civil Services Exams, you won At present, any individual of the general category can appear for UPSC exams six times till the age of 32. OBC and SC\/ST candidate have an age limit of 35 years and 37 years with nine attempts for the civil services. The top court also observed that giving extra chance to the last attempt candidates and relaxing the age limit will not be right for other candidates. Last month, the apex court had verbally communicated that such students may be given another try provided they don