Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi today attacked the BJP and PM Narendra Modi from Sivasagar in Assam. Addressing a rally, Gandhi alleged that PM Narendra Modi looted public money during COVID-19 pandemic and used the money to waive off loans of his two friends. Reiterating his Hum do, humare do jibe targetted at Modi-Shah and Amabani-Adani, Rahul Gandhi said that there will be two more in Assam and they all will loot everything from the state. Attacking the government of CAA implementation, Gandhi said, No power in the world can break Assam. Whoever will try to touch the Assam Accord or spread hatred, Congress party and people of Assam will teach them a lesson together. Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi were seen wearing stoles with No CAA written on it. #WATCH | …Hum ne yeh gamchha pehna hai.. ispe likha hai CAA.. ispe humne cross laga rakha hai, matlab chahe kuchh bhi ho jaye.. CAA nahi hoga.. hum do, hamare do achhi tarah sun lo, (CAA) nahi hoga, kabhi nahi hoga, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Sivasagar, Assam\/ZYk7xAUdYx He said that Congress has united the people of Assam. Gandhi said that earlier there was no surety whether one would return home or not from public meetings due to the prevalent violence but the Congress party changed the situation during its regime. Taking a swipe at the BJPs association with RSS and the present CM Sarbananda Sonowal, Gandhi said, A remote control can operate a TV but not a CM. You need your own CM who listens to your problems but the current Assam CM only listens to Nagpur and Delhi. He alleged that the BJP and the RSS are trying to divide Assam. BJP and RSS are trying to divide Assam. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah wont be affected by it but Assam and rest of India will be affected, said Gandhi at Sivasagar rally. Reacting to Gandhis comment, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that nobody is discussing CAA in the state. You can check social media. People are busy discussing that Assam has given scooty to girl students, and which two-wheeler the boys will get. Congress is behind by 50 years and brings up stale issues, said Sarma. He attacked Congress over their Assam Bachao Yatra. From whom do they want to save Assam? If they want to save Assam, then, let them take a stand against the immigrant Muslims and say that we will protect Assams culture, said Sarma. The election in Assam is due in April-May this year.