Minutes after he was nominated as BJP candidate from Tarakeswar assembly seat in Hooghly district, Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta said his party wants to put an end to TMCs syndicate raj in West Bengal. He also asked people who hail from the state but live outside to chip in and help the BJP build Sonar Bangla (golden Bengal). We all are aware about the situation prevailing in state. This atmosphere of violence, extortion.. we want to end that. The BJP will ensure that people in Bengal get to live in peace, he said. Senior saffron party leaders including Amit Shah and J P Nadda have often hit out at the Mamata Banerjee camp for allegedly patronising syndicates and clubs that extort money from common people. Dasgupta also said that work opportunities have dried up in the state, and talented youth are moving out for jobs and higher education. Bengalis have been able to establish themselves all over the world. Sadly, they do not get enough scope to work here and move out. We wish to stem that flow, he said. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, Honoured to be nominated by the West Bengal BJP to contest from Tarakeshwara centre of Bengals cultural heritage. I look forward to the campaign for a new, vibrant Sonar Bangla.