Tamil Nadu Election 2021: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi today attacked the BJP government in Thoothukudi saying that there has been a systematic attack on elected institutions and free press in the last six years. A nation is balanced between its institutions. If the balance is disturbed, the nation is disturbed. That is the central idea..Over the last 6 years, there has been a systematic attack on elected institutions and the free press that hold the nation together. Democracy doesnt die with a bang, it dies slowly. I am sad to tell you that democracy in Indis is dead, it does not exist. The concentration of capital has combined with the RSS to destroy the institutional balance in the country, alleged Rahul Gandhi while interacting with lawyers at VOC College in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. During the interaction, Rahul Gandhi termed the CAA discriminatory on many counts. He also said that Congress is opposed to farm laws and is fighting against them. Replying to a question, Rahul said, India is entering a phase very much like the British era. We cannot rely on the institutions to protect our democracy anymore. We can only rely on the people of the country. Rahul reiterated his HumDoHamareDo jibe and said, Four people are running the country. Hum do, hamare do. Everywhere, the imprint of these four people are there. Gandhi also extended his support to women reservation issues. I am in full support of women reservation in the Judiciary as well as in Parliament. In every space, Indian men need to view the Indian women with the same lens they view themselves, said Rahul. Replying to a question, Rahul said that there has been a full-scale attack on secularism in India by the present government. There is a full-scale attack on the secularism in the country. The RSS and BJP are leading this attack. Secularism is the foundation of our culture and history. If you go back into time, this country has always been a sensitive, compassionate country that embraces different types of idea. So this attack is not just on our constitution but also our history. Rahul Gandhi urged everyone to fight this assault.