Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that winds of change are visible in Puducherry and the new government in the UT will be the peoples government. What I am seeing here today, the energy and the enthusiasm, is wonderful. It shows how the direction of the wind is changing in Puducherry, said PM Modi. Hitting out at the V Narayansamy-led government that fell on Monday, PM Modi said that in 2016, Puducherry didnt get a peoples government. Puducherry got a government that was busy serving the Congress high command in Delhi, their priorities were different. Your former CM was an expert in lifting the slippers of his top party leaders, said Modi. He said that Puducherry deserves a government whose high command is the people of Puducherry not a small group of Congress leaders sitting in Delhi. Modi assured the people that the next government in the Union Territory will be powered by people. Referring to the viral video of former CM V Narayansamy in which he wrongly translated a complaint into a compliment, PM Modi said, A few days ago, the entire nation saw a video. A helpless woman was complaining about the Puducherry government and the CMs neglect during cyclone and floods. One could see the pain in her eyes. One could hear the pain in her voice. Instead of telling the truth to the nation, the former Puducherry CM gave a wrong translation of the woman He lied to the people and his own leader. Can a party whose culture is based on lies ever serve people? The PM said that the Congress leaders are gold medal winners in telling lies. Our colonial rulers had the policy of divide and rule. Congress has a policy of divide, lie and rule. Sometimes their leaders put region against region, sometimes they put community against community. They are Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners in telling lies, said PM Modi. Expressing shock at Rahul Gandhis remark of setting up a ministry of fisheries, PM Modi said, A Congress leader came here and said that they will make a fisheries ministry for fishermen. I was shocked. The truth is, its the current NDA government that has made a ministry for fisheries in 2019. The budget allocated for fisheries has grown more than 80 per cent in just two years. The PM said that the high command Congress government in Puducherry made it a point to damage every sector of governance. Traditional mills closed. Local industry was troubled. Congress doesnt believe in working for the people, alleged PM Modi. He said that people all over India are rejecting Congress. Their seats in Parliament are the lowest ever. Congress culture of feudal politics, dynasty politics, patronage politics is ending. India is young, aspirational and forward-looking, said PM Modi.