Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal today said that the companys topmost priority has been to get to the truth in the case in which a Bengaluru-based model alleged assault by a delivery partner employed by the organisation. Right from the get go, our topmost priority has been to get to the truth. Towards that, we are helping both Hitesha and Kamaraj (our delivery partner) with all the support they need while the investigation is pending. We are also assisting the police in whichever way asked, said Goyal. Kamaraj was arrested by the Bengaluru police after the city-based model and makeup artist (Hitesha) complained against him on Twitter alleging an assault. The food delivery boy countered her allegation saying that it was the model who verbally abused him and hit him with a slipper over late delivery. He claimed that she accidentally hurt herself during the incident. After both versions became public, Zomato founder today said that the company is helping Kamaraj and Hitesha in every possible way. We are in constant touch with Hitesha, covering her medical expenses, and helping her with the proceedings. We are also in constant touch with Kamaraj, extending all possible support to make sure both sides of the story come to light and that due process is followed in the spirit of fairness, he said in a statement. The company has temporarily suspended Kamaraj from active deliveries. As per protocol, we have temporarily suspended Kamaraj from active deliveries, but are covering his earnings in the interim while theres an active police investigation. We are also covering his legal expenses pertaining to the case, said Goel. He also shared Kamarajs excellent work record. For the record – Kamaraj has made ~5000 deliveries for us so far, and has a 4.75\/5 star rating on our platform (which is one of the highest), and has been working with us for 26 months now. (these are facts, not opinions, or inferences), said Goel. Social media has been divided over the incident. The police are yet to make an official statement on the matter.