Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa on Thursday said that he expanded the Cabinet as per instructions from the top central leadership and that the legislators who have any complaints can directly speak to the high command. He said some posts were left vacant on the instructions of high command and questions should be raised on those positions. We expanded the cabinet yesterday. As per instructions of our high command, we have kept one post vacant. I have seen that some MLAs are alleging that they didnt get a ministerial berth. I have done my best despite limitations. Some people have levelled baseless allegations. I request all MLAs who are making these allegations, to talk to our high command, the chief minister was quoted as saying by ANI. Yediyurappa further said that no one was stopping the MLAs from speaking to the top central leadership. But its not fair to react here and there, it will not hold good in the party forum, dont create any confusion, the chief minister said. On Wednesday, Yediyurappa inducted seven ministers following his meeting with top leaders in Delhi. Among the legislators who took oath yesterday are Aravind Limbavali, MTB Nagaraj, Murugesh Nirani, R Shankar, CP Yogeeshwara, Angara S and Umesh Katti. This was the third expansion of Yediyruppa Cabinet after he took over CM in July 2019. Today, the chief minister said that the government has to concentrate on the development of the state. Nobody can stop it. With the blessings of the central leaders, I will concentrate on the development of the state. At the end of the month, Assembly is commencing and in March, we will call the budget session, he said, adding that he will try to bring a pro-farmer and good budget for the state.