Days after former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah refused donation for Ram Temple construction, Minister of State for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj of Karnataka, KS Eshwarappa said that one Siddaramaiah is enough to destroy the Congress party. One Siddaramaiah is enough to destroy the Congress party. Similarly, HD Kumaraswamy is destroying his party. Even the poor are giving Rs 10 each for the construction of the Ram Temple out of devotion. Siddaramaiah said that its being built on disputed land, so he wont contribute, said Eshwarappa. He said that Siddaramaiahs views are similar to that of the Popular Front of India (PFI). PFI tells people to not contribute for Ram Temple as its being constructed on disputed land and Siddaramaiah says the same. They have the same opinion. There is no difference between Siddaramaiah and PFI, they are one, said the minister and senior BJP leader. Speaking on the demands of the reservation being made by various communities, the minister said that a committee led by a retired high court judge will look into it. Our Government has decided to form a committee, led by a retired High Court judge. Itll collect info of all communities, give it to the state cabinet and well make a decision based on the report. Well give our support to those communities that are eligible for reservation, said Eshwarappa. Siddaramaiah has said that the BJP is playing with peoples emotion in the name of god. @BJP4India is playing with the emotions of people in the name of God. It is the duty of the trust to give the accounts of the donations collected to construct Ram Mandir. What is wrong in asking the audit accounts? he tweeted. Siddaramaiah said, We are also constructing a Ram Mandir in our village. Even we have faith in God. Our beliefs are our personal issues and should not be used as a political tool. It is unfortunate that @BJP4India leaders are using Ram Mandir construction for their political benefits. The senior Congress leader also attacked the ruling BJP government over rising fuel prices and COVID-19 cases in the state. Petrol Diesel price rise effect will be felt on all the people not just on vehicle users. Prices of daily essentials will also increase causing inflation. Is this the Acche Din that @narendramodi promised? he said. In another tweet, Siddaramaiah said, #Covid19 cases are rising again in Karnataka. The government should take necessary precautions not show their apathy like last time. @BJP4Karnataka should not think this as an opportunity to make money. A war of words has been going on between Congress and the BJP over donations being collected for the construction of the Ram Temple.