Kerala Assembly Election 2021: Continuing his attack on the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday accused him of shying away from taking on the BJP and instead only targeting the Left Democratic Front (LDF). He also slammed Gandhi for his controversial north-south remarks, saying the Wayanad MP should not have demeaned North Indians who had elected him earlier. Vijayan was addressing a gathering as part of the culmination of the southern leg of LDFs Vikasana Munnetta Jatha, a march explaining Vijayan governments achievements. The Marxist veteran said the people of the state knew it was the LDF which was fighting the BJP and pointed to the Congress fiasco in Puducherry, where the party government collapsed after a series of resignations by its MLAs. Rahul Gandhi is an MP from Kerala. He made certain statements against the state government the other day. His statements were unbecoming of his position as a national leader, Vijayan said. There are some states where Congress is fighting BJP. Why is he not visiting those states? Why is he avoiding the BJP? He is interested in attacking only the Left Front? the chief minister asked. Mocking at Gandhi for comparing politics in the north and south, he said: the Congress leader should not have demeaned the north Indians who had earlier elected him. Thats not a right thing todo. During his visit to Kerala on Tuesday, Gandhi had said he was used to a different type of politics in north India and coming to the southern state was very refreshing as people are interested in issues, drawing condemnation from BJP. Vijayan said Gandhi and the Congress were interested in attacking the Left Front alone. Are they going to save their party with that? Actually they should understand that Congress party is surviving in Kerala because the Left parties are fighting the BJP. The people knowthat.What happened in Puducherry? How did they lose it? What was their stand? Were they able to do anything?, he asked. He also lashed out at the Narendra Modi government, alleging it was destroying the countrys economy. The public sector undertakings in this country are being sold by the central government. However, in Kerala we have shown an alternative to the whole country, Vijayan said. Listing out achievements of his government in the last five years, Vijayan claimed the massive reception for the LDF rallies was an indication of the fact that the support base of the Left parties in the state has increased. The LDF is ready to face the election. The LDF is with the people and the people are with the LDF. We will face this election with confidence. I just want to tell you all that there are attempts to mislead people over various matters. Humbly correct them, he said. The CPI(M)-led LDF took out two Vikasana Munnetta Jathas covering the length and breadth of the state from February 13 highlighting development activities of the Vijayan government and to counter various allegations raised by Congress and the BJP. The rallies, led by LDF convener and CPI(M) state secretary in-charge A Vijayaraghavan and CPI leader Binoy Vishwam, concluded at Thrissur and at the state capital respectively. Vijayaraghavan claimed the mass participation in the rallies was proof that development activities of the LDF government have improved the lives of all sections of people across the state. And what is UDF offering? The opposition leader says UDF will sabotage all development activities of the LDF govt, including the LIFE mission which provided and continues to provide housing to the poor, shut down Kerala Bank and KIIFB if they come to power, he alleged at Thrissur.