Covid vaccine controversy: Senior Congress leader Manish Tewari on Tuesday attacked the Centre over controversies around Covid-19 vaccines. He said the BJP government has politically misused the pandemic in its entirety. The controversy over the vaccine is its latest manifestation. Who is going to get himself vaccinated with a vaccine that has question marks on its reliability, the former minister said. He further said that the BJP government has done a great disservice to that company which must have invested crores of rupees in research and development. In their quest to prove their Atmanirbhar Bharat they have licensed a vaccine whose phase-III trials are not complete, Tewari said in an apparent reference to Bharat Biotech. The Drugs Controller General recently approved three coronavirus vaccines, Covishield of AstraZeneca\/Oxford University, Covaxin of Bharat Biotech, and Virus-2019-nCov-Vaccine of Cadila Healthcare. However, controversy erupted as the approval to Bharat Biotech was given even as the results of efficacy were awaited. The Opposition has alleged that the Centre hurried the approval for Bharat Biotech as it was a fully indigenous vaccine and that the Centre should have waited for the efficacy results before giving its go-ahead. In the last couple of days, many opposition leaders questioned the Centres approval of the vaccines and raised fears whether it was safe. Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav said that he wont take vaccines raising fears among the masses. A day later, another SP leader said that people have fears that vaccines may make them impotent. The BJP slammed the Opposition leaders for questioning the vaccines. BJP chief JP Nadda said that the time and again the people have seen whenever India achieved something commendable – that will further public good – the Congress comes up with wild theories to oppose and ridicule the accomplishments. The more they oppose, the more they are exposed. Latest example is the Covid vaccine,