Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over farm laws, border confrontations with China and Budget 2021, which he claims is aimed at aiding the super rich through privatisation. Addressing a press conference, Gandhi said Delhi was surrounded by farmers. They are the people who give us sustenance. Why is Delhi being converted into a fortress? Why are we threatening, beating and killing them? Why is the government not talking to them and not resolving this problem? This problem isnt good for the country, he said. Gandhi said that the prime minister was still saying that the offer to put the farm laws on hold was still on table. What does it mean? Either you believe that you need to get rid of the laws or you dont. I feel this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible and the government needs to listen as farmers arent going away, he added. On Budget, Gandhi said that he had expected that the government would provide support to 99% of Indias population. But this Budget is that of the 1% population. You snatched away money from people in small and medium industry, workers, farmers, Forces and put it in the pockets of 5-10 people. You talk of privatisation which will benefit them, the Wayanad MP said. Had the government implemented NYAY scheme, if it had given money to small and medium industries, protected them, the economy could have been revived: Shri @RahulGandhi#RahulTheVoiceofIndia\/w1uUlI1vEY Because if we want to restart our economy, it will only be through consumption. It is not possible from the supply side, he added. Gandhi also slammed the government over the border face-off with China in Ladakh. Questioning the Centre for not raising the budget for armed forces, Gandhi said: China enters into India and grabs our land. What message do you give them? That we wont increase our Defence Expenditure. You raised it by Rs 3000-4000 crore. What message did you give? That you can enter India and do whatever you want, we wont support our Defence Forces.