The Goa Forward Party (GFP) has taken poll promises to another level. Former BJP ally in the state, GFP chief Vijay Sardesai has promised to make siesta hours anytime between 2 and 4 PM compulsory. Speaking at a press meet, Sardesai said that if elected chief minister, he would ensure a compulsory siesta hour. Sardesai was the deputy chief minister from March 2019 to July 2019 in the BJP government led by Pramod Sawant. Reacting to a tweet put out by journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, the GFP president said that a healthy mid-day siesta will help people think better, work smarter and live happier. This is the #Goemkar way and we should not change it, but encourage all to #embrace it, he said. Speaking to The Indian Express, the former chief minister said that he was serious about the need to preserve sussegad. He said: Sussegad is derived from the Portuguese word sossegado, which means a relaxed, carefree, chilled-out attitude thats associated with Goa. The word sossed means peace. An afternoon nap is an integral part of sussegad. It was clinically proven that a short nap or siesta boosts memory, improves job performance, lifts mood and makes people more alert. A political analyst, Cleofat Coutinho, while speaking to IE, says that Sardesais promise cant be taken seriously. He says those days were different when siesta was taken seriously in Goa. Coutinho says that Goa cant imagine now to shut for hours in the middle of the day when the people in states like Gujarat and Rajasthan are working throughout the day. The GFP has 3 MLAs in the 40-member House. In the last assembly polls, Vijay Sardesais party won three seats, while Congress 17 and BJP 13. However, the BJP formed the government with the support from other regional parties including Sardesais GFP. The next assembly election in Goa is due in 2022.