As a tractor parade by farmers protesting against three contentious farm laws turned violent, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said those who were seen as annadata (food providers) for so many days have turned out to be extremists. On Twitter, Patra also shared a video in which a protestor is purportedly seen throwing away a national flag handed to him from the crowd as he climbs a pole to hoist a different flag. Painful, the BJP leader said about the video. Those we had been calling annadata (food providers) for so many days have turned out to be extremists. Dont defame annadata, call an extremist an extremist only, Patra tweeted as a section of protesting farmers broke the agreement with Delhi Police and indulged in hooliganism. Another BJP spokesperson Syed Zafar Islam, who is also a Rajya Sabha member, asked if the mob should be called terrorist. What a shame. Our brave policemen jumping the wall to save themselves from being lynched by a mob, yet showing remarkable display of restrain. What do you call this mob – Protesting farmers? Group of Anti Social or Anti National Elements or Simply Terrorist? You Decide! he tweeted. Hitting out at violent protestors, BJPs I-T department head Amit Malviya alleged that the anarchy people saw on the streets of Delhi in the name of farmers had nothing to do with either farm laws or farmers. It is insurrection against a democratically elected government and if we the people, who elected this government, dont stand up, they will come for us next, he tweeted. Lok Janshakti Party president Chirag Paswan also said that the manner in which a crime was committed under the garb of agitation by some unruly elements, it was not acceptable at any cost. LJP condemns this type of behaviour, he tweeted. A tractor march meant to highlight farmers demands dissolved into anarchy on the streets of the national capital on Tuesday, as hordes of rampaging protesters broke through barriers, fought with police, overturned vehicles and delivered a national insult – hoisting a religious flag from the rampart of Red Fort, a privilege reserved for Indias tricolour.