Assam Elections 2021: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today slammed the BJP for not fulfilling the promises made to Assamese people. He attacked the BJP and PM Narendra Modi over a range of issues including GST, wages of tea workers, the culture of Assam and demonetisation. Addressing two rallies in the state, one from Jorhat and another from Gohpur, Rahul fired one after other salvos at the ruling regime. A few years ago, Narendra Modi did demonetisation. Rs 500 and 1000 notes were banned. You were told that you are supporting a fight against black money.He took your money, from your homes, from your pockets and gave it to 2-3 industrialists of India, said Rahul. He accused the BJP of destroying industries by bringing in GST and demonetisation. The BJP implemented GST. It was also said at that time that everyone would benefit. There will be one tax, there will be a simple tax. But it was later discovered that there are 5 different tax slabs, the highest being 28% tax.What the Prime Minister wants to do, he does not tell directly. He should have come here and said that he wants to destroy the plywood industry. Because thats what GST and demonetisation did to the industries..Demonetisation, GST did nothing to prevent black money. But the plywood industry is closed. Thousands of such industries were closed one after the other in the country, he claimed. He also slammed the BJP for the LPG price hike. Narendra Modi told you that he will reduce the price of gas. It was Rs 400 at the time of the UPA and Rs 900 at the time of the NDA today. Narendra Modi has given gas to every house and increased the prices. Only 2-3 industrialists benefited from this, said Rahul. He reiterated the Congress poll promises. We have given you 5 guarantees in this election. We will not allow CAA to apply, He said that a lot of government posts are vacant in Assam and the Congress will fill those posts and provide employment if voted to power. He said that the Congress government will help small and medium-sized businesses to create employment. Attacking the RSS, Rahul said, This state is your state, it cannot be run from Nagpur. These people (BJP) are transferring the entire Assam to others (RSS). You had an airport here, they have given that airport to Adani. He said that if the Congress government is formed in the state, itll protect the rights of the indigenous people. He said that Congress will take Assam on the path of development.